Water Can Ruin Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor Water Damage

Hardwood floors can add value to your home and are a beautiful addition. Hardwood floors are always in high demand, and add value to any room in your house. However, hardwood flooring that has water damage can become brittle, stained, and ugly. Taking care of your floors and you can keep them looking beautiful for many years to come.

Prevention is the Best Course

Water Damaged Hardwood Floor

Preventing hardwood floor water damage is usually easy; clean up spills and leaks  immediately! Before the water has a chance to seep into the floors, make sure you dry it up entirely using dry towels or a wet vacuum. But, if you have a significant water damage incident call in a local water damage repair contractor right away to get the water up and everything dried out as quickly as possible. Waiting till first thing in the morning is probably too late. Another great tip to keeping your floors new is to use dry mops and brooms only. The leading cause of water damage to hardwood floors is an overly-wet mop! Also, be wary of water-based cleaners on your wood floors; use them sparingly, and only when nothing else will get the job done.

Keep Your Floor Sealed

You can prevent water damage by keeping the seal over the wood in good shape. Regularly refinish your floors and keep area rugs over high traffic areas to avoid scratches. Wherever the coating has worn off, water can worm its way into the wood itself.

Replace any Damaged Slats

If your floor already has some water damage, you may also be able to fix the spot by refinishing. If the water spot is shallow, it can be buffed out and then resealed. You can also replace individual floorboards with a little elbow grease. Wood flooring can be pulled up slat by slat, making small but deep spots easier to replace than sheet-style flooring.

Time is Your Enemy When There’s Standing Water on Your Floor

If the stains are more significant than you can handle, or the floor has become warped in any way, you will need to call in a professional. Severe hardwood floor water damage might mean you need to replace more than your just floorboards! Water damage almost always requires professional help to avoid disastrous results.